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About Skip Ford

"The History Hunter"


"A journey into the past is a mirror into the future"


I love to write and admire many genres but mystery and horror are my favorite. My first love is history and although the Revolutionary War and Colonial history is my expertise I seek knowledge in all areas of history. I especially love the ghost towns and places that once existed. I currently help with research for genealogy researchers as well as many ghost hunters that need research done. I enjoy the thrill of treasure hunting and blend it with my historical research as well. I love being challenged as it makes me wor5k harder.

About Me

My real name is not Skip Ford and many know me by my real name. I do write under a few different names which I cannot reveal as I write on different topics which I use these names accordingly. Most of my writings are under Skip Ford mostly for convenience and it's easy to remember for my readers. I do publish in Amazon under many names as well. With a BA in History and a Minor in Politics, I then went on to get my Masters in Education with an emphasis on Curriculum Development.

Originally from the country and farming industry of Ulster and Delaware county, my parents moved me to the richly historic town of Kingston, New York. Over the years I have made wonderful friends and acquaintances in all my years from which I draw many charismatics traits in my writing. So if you read my stories you might say that sounds like me and it may be so but I will never admit it.

I currently live in Port St Lucie, Florida where almost three years ago my dearest love departed me from the onset of cancer and now I write full time. I miss her dearly. I am looking to hitting the road soon to work on some projects I have been working on and must now search out some answers to un-answered questions.

Just me

Born in upstate New York I moved from the country to live in a small historical town which I believed powered my interest in history and writing about it. One of my first tasks in writing was writing about the history of my city for Social Studies class which burned the desire into me, Going to high school part-time and vocational school. I left school and returned home from the service I worked as an auto mechanic. Working and managing a few different service stations and garages I saw the coming of the age of technology and pollution control that took the fun out of working on vehicles and the ends of the muscle car age. Although I will always love the automobile I always say when it is not fun anymore I need a change.

It was at this time that I went on to learn the construction business and also the time I got married which the latter did not last very long. I learned the trade and went on to open my own business and met my second wife and we were married up unit she just recently passed and we were married close to forty years. Again I got burnt out in the construction business which was doing very well but something deep inside told me that I needed to do something my father did and I went on to learn how to drive a tractor-trailer and spent quite a while on the road until my girls and wife wanted me to be home more. While on the road I got the chance to write quite a bit. It was then that I decided to learn to write more in-depth and went on to learned scriptwriting. I went on to write two scripts made for the movies. We decided to move to Florida as the once historical town we lived in had been changing towards the worse with drugs and prostitution and we felt it was best for our two daughters to escape the environment.

I drove a truck for a while in Florida but then decided just to lay back and work for a corporation as they promised the moon but ended up not fulfilling their promise. It was at that point that after seven years of service it was not fun anymore and decided to leave the corporate world. We decided we needed a change and we moved near my wife's sister in Pennsylvania and this was where I learned my health was I'm jeopardy and I had a failing heart. After very caring doctors and a great hospital called Geysingers, I quit smoking and my heart slowly improved. My wife loved Florida and after careful consideration, we decided to move back but now I was gaining weight and had become quite obese from lack of exercise and depression from not being able to work. After the onset of other medical conditions because of my weight such as COPD, bad knees, Diabetes, and my back constantly hurting I became more health-conscious and decided to make changes for the good with healthy eating and just better care of myself. With the help of bariatric surgery, I lost a lot of weight, cut my medications in half, no longer a diabetic, my lungs and heart improved, and after a knee replacement, I feel great. It was at this point I got into the fight to stamp out obesity both by writing about it and the fight for ending obesity in children as well. I have written many articles on obesity as well as many fitness and sports-related articles. I decided to get back into writing and have achieved many certifications in the field as well as becoming an advocate to fight obesity.

I had never gone to college and decided while I was living with and fighting to get healthy and went on to get my Bachelors's degree with a minor in Politics all with honors. I then went on as I was in the fight to change the education system with obesity and got my Master's in Education with an emphasis on the school curriculum. So here I am as I get in my older age I decided to get back into writing and working on a few projects and just will see where they will go. My fight for better health still carries on as my wife passed with cancer and I see the dangers around us which drive me harder to promote good health. 

I love to write and it does not matter what it is about., So many of my college professors had loved how I wrote and how I sought to be so in-depth and investigative with an eye for both sides. I love to tell a story but a complete story. I also am not afraid to test the limits challenging many institutions as I present the facts and seek the answers never pulling punches. many of my political writings reflect this nature to the fullest. I have worked on many assignments both in historical research as well as for private concerns in the research aspect. I love the thrill of finding out the smaller, less told stories or information that I find intriguing. Some of my hobbies include baseball for which I have coached both adults as well as Little league in New York and Little League where I live and even serve on a Little League Board of Directors here in Port St Lucie. I love the thrill of old abandoned buildings and places as well as ghost towns. I also research many ghost-related stories as well both for fun and for work. Our life I believe offers us the opportunity to expand and when we limit ourselves to a narrow perspective we lose out on many interesting and informative things in life.