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Meet Tabitha Starr

If you don't already know I had struck up a friendship with a fellow New Yorker by the name of Tabitha Starr. She hails from upstate New York and hails from the Adirondacks about an hour and a half from where I lived. We kind of met by chance as she was at an oceanside bar and we were both sort of eves dropping on each other's conversation about writing and I must admit she introduced herself first and has come to the fact that she seeks what she wants and goes and gets it. I love that she pulls no punches and when she reads my stuff and says it sucks I sort of take her advice and she expects the same.

Tab as I call her moved her just recently as was happy to strike up a writing relationship. We offer two different forms of writing as I love horror and mystery and she loves romance and erotica. I have perked her interest in crime mystery and we are working on a crime story together as she offers much for the female part of the two main characters. She is getting close to publishing her second short story