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Why Practice Restorative Yoga

Why Practice Restorative Yoga

Skip FordĀ©

Published 11/19/2019

Life around us moves so fast that sometimes we just need to slow it down and with restorative yoga, we are allowed to accomplish this. By practicing restorative yoga we are able to accomplish a balance both physically and mentally and in turn controlling stress and anxiety. One of the key aspects of restorative yoga is that it allows us to use props so we may hold poses longer bringing us to a deep passive stretch. With this in mind, we can see that the poses are held longer in restorative yoga while still maintaining a degree of comfort at the same time.

Some of the key aspects are:

1. By accomplishing supported poses we become more fully engaged and allow ourselves to come into proper alignment with the poses providing full and deep stretches.

2. By practicing restorative yoga we come to a degree of more flexibility quicker while allowing the pose to flow and never having to achieve a ultimate goal. We are seeking to enhance flexibility so we may release tensions.

3. By practicing restorative yoga we are able to observe where we are best suited to hold the tensions and allows us to make changes to achieve what best feels and works for our own bodies

4. Restorative yoga allows us to reduce subcutaneous body fat which will, in turn, allow us to lose weight. It also reduces cortisol levels which are linked to increased abdominal fat.

5. Regular restorative yoga practice will help to improve your immune system with the added ability to fight colds and flu viruses.

6. By following restorative poses we allow our bodies to enter a state of renewal and rejuvenation bringing about a clear energy path that flows to our organs, tissue and brings all things into a harmonic balance.

7. The practice also brings us to a more relaxed state allowing us to feel calm. Our live many times forces us to bring our minds to fast pace point and the practice accomplishes the act of slowing it down so we may collect our thoughts. Even though the poses are challenging it still maintains a degree relaxation. As you practice more you will feel your mind also coming more relaxed as well.

8. Restorative yoga is an excellent style to recover from illnesses that you may encounter as it requires little energy and allows you to further build your strength.

9. Restorative yoga is a great healer of emotional pain and hardships. it allows us to come to terms within ourselves and deal with emotional pain that may be just as much as physical hardships.

10. Restorative yoga also introduces us to the art of meditation as it weans us slowly into this aspect of practicing asanas

Restorative yoga is a great practice if first starting out or seeking a more relaxed but effective style.