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Tabatha is a writer of adult fiction and many topics we discuss are related to this interaction. Although her style and my own uses the same principles and we discuss that at the time as to how they can be blended and may not be suitable for those other than adults. We approach it from an artistic viewpoint for which it is meant to be.

New Story soon to be Published

I am almost finished with my second story entitled "The Devils Maiden" Soon to be released in Amazon Books. Till we meet again!

Fire & Ice

Brad was Steph's were the best of friends from childhood. Steph hated to admit it but he was everything she was looking for in a man but how would people view her since she was seven years older than him. For that matter was Brad even interested in falling in love with an older woman. Steph could only hope for his love but would things change on that cold blustery day?


All of a sudden, my feet hit a patch of ice under the snow and I could feel myself falling but like always Brad's arms were around me prevent me from falling, It felt it both strange and comforting as he was always there when I needed him. Why was it today feeling much differently about Brad as if I was yearning for him to hold and caress me and tell me he wanted me and to love him forever? Maybe it was just a thing for the moment but how at this very moment hated the fact we were such good friends.

Soon to be published on Amazon!

Creating Great Sex

 I had met Tabitha Starr while taking a walk on the beach and trying to clear my thoughts. After a brief hello and introduction we both yearned for the same thing and that was to create great sex. No, it is not what you think even though I considered her to be quite palatable the sex we sought was to go on paper. You see we were both writers and me as a mainstream writer yearned to put sex in a story in a more subtle way while she as an erotic writer yearned to offer her readers an exciting, vivid down and dirty sexual journey. It was enjoyable to converse with such a writer that loved her craft so much I ached to read some of her writings and we soon became good friends.

As we discussed how to introduce sex into a scene in our stories our outlook took tow different personas as I saw a more closed-door where the sex was not the main part of the story but used more add or break up the action. It was not an integral part of the story but need to be to sho that my characters were human. Tabitha, on the other hand, needed a vivid true to life sexual experience as that was the main driving point of the writing. So the question was how with two different perspectives could we even help each other but as it worked out it did.

See the action

Tabitha pointed out the first interesting aspect which I tend to use all the time in many of my scenes and that is to see the action. Be there in the action, what do you see and record every aspect of the action. If you visualize many times you can remove the impossible and enhance the possible. Let us be truthful some sexual actions cannot be accomplished by your character based on personal aspects and surroundings. "Imagine it as a movie playing right in front of you' she told me.

Care for your character

I countered that as a writer we must always care for our character and be concerned about what is in store for them. Each character is different no matter who they are or where they come from and we must respect that and show that. It affects dialogue as well as you cannot have a handsome backwoods boy from Alabama talking like a seductive New York City businesswomen would even in the heat of the moment. The caring, loving, and sexual attraction is what draws them together but they still must possess their differences within the story. In my case, they must drive the story further and relate to why I had to present the sex scene wherein Tabitha's case to achieve the ultimate sex.

The environment

Being driven with a scene in scripts and locale in fiction I added that their environment made a valuable addition to where the sex was to take place. This enlightened Tabitha as much of her sex took place in the bedroom and the idea of changing the norm piqued her interest. I loved to use different locale and environments as much as possible as it moves the story. I tend to see hos erotica it may seem that moving the character is the main goal as the union is the ultimate goal and control over the characters allows you to bring them together but as I told her you can move the characters with location and environment as they go along for the ride. and it takes the reader along with them. She sort of got the idea that she could take her characters to anyplace she would like to be which got her excited. In my case my characters most of the time tell me where they have to go and I take them there. But in either style of writing many times the place, you take them can be fun both for them as well as you the writer. In erotica, you can allow them to have sex just about anywhere as it can be secluded or be brazen and out in the open.

Character Action

We both seem to come in agreement that the actions of our characters play a large role in the story. As Tabitha professed her character's actions must lead up to the larger action which is the hottest action in the story. No matter what your character is wishing to achieve is that the actions they perform must be actions they would perform naturally. Action should become natural and not just to be thrown in for page count. It must move the story forward. Tabitha mentioned in erotica that many times the action can be a great sexual build up as it is just as sexy to unbutton a pair of cutoff jeans as it to unzip the back of a dress. It is just how you do it and that is shown with action.


Again we both agree that a story must have a structure with a beginning, middle, and end. In my story, the beginning introduces the characters and presents the problem. As the story progresses I keep placing him in situations difficult to get out of while I throw stones at them. And in the end, a resolve is reached that ends the problem. Tabitha tells me that her story is much the same as in the beginning she introduces her characters, however, this is where we see what the goal is of one of the characters such as to climb in the sack with the other for some passionate hot sex. The middle sets the stage for how they go about reaching the climax "pardon the pun" in reaching that sexual goal. And that is where they have sex at the end.

Being Human

I approached her thinking that couples always have to come together. But what if one would become more generous or more selfish than the other would that lead to tension in the story. I also asked why does it have to end always with the achieved goal of sex in the end but rather take us to a point beyond leading to the next drama. I use this technique when I want to write a sequel or series as I leave an opening as to what will happen next? It got her thinking a bit. I think in any writing it must be human and even in a relationship and sex, there must be a human side. Why is it in erotica that the man has to be the hunk and well hung and the one with all the sexual know-how? Why do the women have to be a ravishing beauty with a knockout body and seeking to be taught? Could she not be the educator? To me writing out of the norm would be more human.


Tabitha told me that she sometimes thinks the language of erotica is sometimes seen as having to be obscene and anatomical. "It drives me nuts when I seem to have to use words of obscenity all the time to express my writing. I tend to think sometimes you can express sex without being fully descriptive." She expressed her dislike of the word "cunt, cock or fuck" as it seemed just to blatantly obscene. "Especially cunt as to me that was a very degrading word to a female!" I could understand her pain as my wife had hated that same word as well. She went on to explain that she likes to write in a sense like she would want to b talked to in conversation as she felt it portrayed the way normal talk would be. I approached that reasoning by professing that sometimes the scene may present the dialogue that must be used and even though we do not like the language this may be the language that would be used. I know in my mystery writings many times such obscenities are used by the criminal world that has no respect for their prey and often uses this sort of language. I believe the character can often decide the type of language that will be used.

"There is a fine line between erotica and pornography" she professed bluntly. "This is a reason many authors have to hide the fact they write erotica as they gain a label as a porn writer" She professed her writing was trying to change that view. I tend to think about how a reader views the reading depends on the label it gets. If a reader thinks its porn there is little that can be done to clean it up.

It had been a wonderful experience meeting Tabitha and we developed a writing relationship. She had mentioned her writing was not going anywhere and I decided to keep in contact and help promote her work so I look forward to adding her work to my web site to help her promote her writing and her vision of her style of erotica.