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The Art of Survival

A thousand miles begins with a single step.” The journey to preparedness starts the same way. We could see from the state of panic that was set in place that in a real national disaster where the system would shut down completely there would be such a greater loss of life than we have seen. Do not believe for one moment as much as they profess the officials that have failed to keep us safe and free from harm have never considered our safety or existence under any catastrophe. While they have programs with bunkers and places like Mount Weather and Cheyenne Mountain so they may profess continuity of government there is little concern for we the average people. So take this heed in warning survival and preparedness depend on you and one should never depend on Uncle Sam as their interest is one and only themselves. Learn to survive, learn to be prepare as your life may depend on it. Over the years many laughed at peppers but as we see existence will depend on those who have and those that do not. It was obvious in a real crisis that at least the survivors could wrap the deceased in their overabundance of toilet paper.

Understanding Preparedness

Before anyone can be prepared they must understand what it is first they profess to be or want to be. I should pronounce that wanna-be as that is what I call a lot of so-called survival and preparedness people who measure their preparedness how much toilet paper they have or how many rounds of ammo they have stocked in some bunker as they call it or even how they measure up their guns as if they were measuring penis size. Do I have a gun at the moment I can profess I do not as I have a young child in my household that I cherish and without a locked safe I will not have one or permit one in the house? Will I need one in a crisis all I can say is maybe, maybe not. If I need one I will take one of those wanna-be guns as they will have no clue as they are just collectors without knowledge. Training has taught me well and speaking of training knowing enough is never enough. The point is not thinking you can defeat your enemy but rather knowing your enemies weaken and when to defeat them and even knowing when to move on to an easier foe. Why do you think criminals target the weak and passive as they are easy targets.

To move on let's look at the term preparedness and the number one weakness is that people panic. Just look at all the people that ran out and bought cases of toilet paper with the COVID Virus. I have no clue I guess they thought they were going to get the shits or something. It's not how much you have but rather that what you have will provide until you get more. It's also keeping your mouth shut to what you have as in a real crisis people have what you want. I use to know these people that use to always buy a whole crapload of gold and wore it around their neck down in New York City. I use to tell my wife the way they flaunt that gold they were easy targets. Sure enough, they were robbed and that's all we heard for a long time. They set up the situation that they received. Now for the toilet paper sure it may be good to have some but to be truthful mother nature provides and Native Americans lived for many years before such thing came around. Number one is water as we all need it to survive and food would be second although you can go a few days before you need more for energy.

When it comes to any situation the last thing you want to do is panic. panic is the number one killer in any situation. I had to laugh as now among the COVID crisis the mental health world is seeking to rake in the dough stressing that people are going to be overwhelmed with mental stress because of the virus. Again wanna-be's that cannot live without someone guiding them through life. Do yourself a favor and take that money for brain doctors and pills and stock your shelves, buy some water, face mask, and whatever you think you may need and no more toilet paper please and move on with your life. Stop letting people think and looking to someone for the answers. They make think they have the answers but they have no clue. Just ask all the victims of mental hospitals how many real answers they found out using electroshock therapy and lobotomies over the cruel years of the mental hospital years. Just think of all the success we would have if they sought to help people rather than trying to rationalize their own beliefs. The human mind cannot be figured out and as soon as they realize that the better off they will be.

So you're asking how do we cope with panic. First let us face the reality of the fact that no matter how much you worry, panic or fear the situation will be there in the end so why not tackle the problem and end the situation causing the panic. Under the most stressful situation, the onset of panic will only make the situation first. A true story where I panicked was in my you're as there was this sheer cliff I thought I could climb without ropes and after getting halfway up I fear set in and I could not move up or down. I wept like a baby from panic. But after composing myself and not wanting to fall for this was going to be the only way I was going to see a rescue I was able to work my way back down. Fear is a funny thing and it takes work to overcome it but when a life is on the line sometimes you must dig down deep. If I continued to panic and attempted to move I probably would have lost my grip or made the wrong move and would have fallen to my death or been seriously injured.

A few tactics to overcome panic and fear:

Plan for the worse this way when you are faced with it you are ready for it. By avoiding fear you avoid panic.

Have a plan for what if. By having g a plan it helps you to overcome almost any situation.

Believe in Murphy's Law-if the worse will happen it will now. Like mentioned if you are prepared for the worse it will not hit you as hard.

When fear overcomes you reach out to something that drives you forward. This may reach a safe area, help an injured person, or see your family again. Whatever that will drive you will help you overcome the fear.

So to get started the first thing you would want to do is to build a plan that you and your family could go to and survive any incident. This will be my next plan to help

Disaster Plan 1

The first thing you should do is the same thing the schools and many institutions do and that is to do a disaster plan. This will help guide you and will attempt to get everyone on the same page. I myself have made a plan separated by sections in a loose-leaf notebook. I attempt to put in every possible scenario one could face and how to overcome it. Sometimes you must go back and revise and restructure as this allows for updates and new ways of thinking. This should come from your own mind with the aid from the information you gather. Don't rely on or let someone make your plan for you as it is your plan and please think it out well. Many times you can get practical advice however it's best it comes from your ability to interrupt the knowledge you get and adapt it to your scenario.

You might be asking the question why do I present this subject and the reason is that I got out of the loop about a year or more as I got tired of all the hype and the internet full of wannabes both in survival and militias as it was going no place and I aimed my sights more on myself in getting healthy and spending time with my family and then the loss of my wife. But friends I don't see a happy future in the horizon. It is just impossible if you think about it from a real perspective. Small businesses just cannot bear the burden. Sure large businesses can take the blunt force but when it all starts to fail they will be the only ones remaining and I am sorry Walmart is not my first choice in anything. Think about it we blame the Chinese for the COVID Virus and the government wants us to be anti-China but yet Walmart they support and most of their p[products come from China with their own factories producing much of the clothing they sell. After seeing this country go head over heels over a pandemic that they knew damn well was going to happen but liberals would rather waste money on bullshit projects and support lobbyist agenda I figured they have woke the sleeping giant. You may not agree and this I understand. I welcome your questions and I love your opinion but all I ask is keep it civil and clean. Not much to ask but I have no problem removing people when they cannot be civilized.

So over the next few post, I will cover many of the disasters that one may face with some advice to use so you can make you plan to keep your loved ones safe and out of harm's way. One thing to always remember is that when calculating what you need to survive should be the bare minimum. These basic needs cover air, water, and food so that is your main concern. In some situations, these three essentials can become contaminated or corrupted so supplying our own needs is the first priority. Once you have that you can work to make things a bit more comfortable.

Today most families only have enough food and maybe water for 72 hours. Add to the fact that even some of that food may not be nutritious and supply the energy it is important to make sure you can supply your body's needs for a certain period of time. FEMA for whom I completed the CERT program (Certified Emergency Response Team) insists that every family should have at least a 2 week supply of water and food on hand.

Let's start with some basics items you should have on hand. Remember this is an emergency supply If you use it to rotate stock be sure to replace it.

1. 1-gal water per day for each family member=14 gal for two weeks for each member

2. 2-jars peanut butter

3. 2 cans fruit juice per member

4. 2 cans meat per member (Tuna, Chicken, Salmon, Spam whatever your choosing or taste)

5. 2 cans soup or stew per family member

6. 3 pkgs non-perishables- (Saltine crackers, graham crackers, dry cereal, etc)

7. 1 lb dried beans per family member

8. Hand-operated can opener

9. Permanent Marker

If you have any infant or elderly family members you should have 2 week's worth of diapers, wipes, child medications, baby formula, protein/calorie drinks, prescription medications, and extra pair of glasses.

What to do:

1. With your marker date all perishable goods

2. Try to have $100 in small bills set aside for emergency purpose only

3. Design your emergency plan (book)

4. Set up an emergency contact list and standard operations method if communications fail

I would like to finish with as in the next topic I will touch on the items of this list to help you along. Many online sources seem to try and steer you to Amazon and other preparedness sites. This is to get you prepared for two weeks and many if these sites although supply such items are a bit pricey. The idea here is to be prepared with the least impact on your economic situation so I will show you how to do it on a shoestring as well as the full-blown pepper way as well. This will be followed by the disaster plan book and how to improve conditions and long term survival as we proceed in the journey.

To truly understand the political thinking we must reflect back to the era of WW1 and onward. If we listen to our media we are a Christian God-loving society for which our forefathers brought into this new land. Truth be told if the media did their research most of our fathers were deist and not Christians as they portray. So you might ask so what's the difference? The difference lies in the fact that Christians believe in a specific creator such as Jesus and his father where a deist believes in a super being but not a specific person just a supreme being. Most of our forefathers were deist and members of the Order of Masons as well. So getting back to the point once WW1 came about and we helped Britain with the effort we soon found out that propaganda was something that could steer the people into the way they thought. They used it in WW2 both using our thoughts about the Holocaust as well as the bombing of Pearl Harbor. I am not saying they did not happen but as the words that stick into my mind are never let an incident go to waste when you can use it to manipulate the way people think. Look at Vietnam that was started on lies and all the lives that were lost all based on the fact that we must hate communism. Look how long we were forced and led to hate Russia, a land so distant from America. We still profess this, however, if this is so true why did we climb in bed with China. Now even that has changed as we now according to the media must hate China. Although I left Christianity a few years back it amazes me that a country based on such can hate and kill with so much gleam. Don't misunderstand me as I respect all religions but just believe in good old Mother Earth and if I respect her she will respect me in return. After studying theology for a bit it changed many views on life greatly but that is a whole new subject. Don't get me wrong as I do not support communism or the so-called Green Deal as that nut case from New York professes. I do not support China and have warned and seen the path they were on years ago. The government was so much into setting the way you think that first, they wanted you to love them now they want you to hate them. We have become so entailed by propaganda and have become so good at it that now it's just part of the political life. The point being made is that people have stopped thinking for themselves and I can only hope that we avoid the propaganda that is placed around us constantly. We see it in our food, the way we live life and worship, and the way we view other people and now they are wanting us to hate China. Sure the virus came from there by a lab that we founded by a doctor that now is telling us how to live. Sounds ironic, doesn't it. Quite a bit confusing and deceitful for me. We are printing money and going in debt as we speak. For a while, all we were told was that we were in debt and it was terrible. We have surpassed that and now we are even more in debt and they feel that the economy will bounce back. What by a propped up economy. Mom and Pops will soon spend their last bit of savings or just bail out hoping to save what little bit of their dream they have left. So the question is what is the one best thing to boost and revive a failing economy? Do we want to say the word? We haven't seen one since WW2 and no Vietnam and Korea and Iraq were not wars they were conflicts with no vested interest to America. They were conflicts that were never meant to be won. All I have to say is do we really want to fall behind the propaganda and go against China which will probably have Russia, North Korea, and possibly Iran as their allies although I doubt but who knows. Do we really want to take it to that level? My question is so why to start the hate baiting of China. George Washington said it best as he professed to avoid "permanent inveterate antipathies against particular Nations," as well as "a passionate attachment of one Nation for another." The first, he argued, would lead to an unnecessary war, while the second would result in unwise treaty concessions, which could arouse the ill-will of other countries expecting fair treatment. Washington counseled the public to be wary of foreign influence. He argued for impartial commercial treaties, but against treaties of permanent alliance, although the United States should fulfill any existing agreements "with perfect good faith." Temporary alliances would be acceptable in "extraordinary emergencies."(

Disaster Plan Breakdown

In the last post, I provided a basic 2-week disaster survival plan list which I would like to touch on now. As you view this list you might be saying "where's the beef!" and rightly so. (You younger folks may have to ask your parents about that phrase) This is the bare minimum folks and not meant to be eating like king and queens. This is to survive and keep your body functioning. It could be worse where you might eat crickets and grasshoppers so think of that and this sounds like a rib eye.

As I mentioned in the last post many preparedness and survival sights are only in existence because they make money selling sponsored ads. Much of these items are overpriced and sometimes just junk crap. Don't fall for it. Many are reputable dealers and sell good products which I will recommend and not because I get a kickback but because they are just good products.

In the list, I mentioned a marker pen to date your perishable goods but presented no goods. This is for the food you have when the incident hit. Many of us have food from our weekly shopping and this should be dated if it will go bad. I like putting the go bad date rather than when I bought it as I can arrange it in storage or freezer to use it priority wise. To touch on refrigerated goods and freezer goods it should be noted to use up the stuff in the refrigerator if the electric goes out. Stay out of the freezer and enter only to retrieve frozen food. Keeping the door closed will keep in colder longer. If the electric is out for a while and the food starts to thaw cook it all up as it will stay good longer if cooked. Just a word of note and that is although convenient frost-free freezers are the future the older ones that iced up will keep your food colder longer. When we here of a hurricane coming I toss in freezer packs in the freezer as they get really cold and are ice which acts as ice in the freezer. They work well in an emergency such as sprains and bruises as well as they hold coldness well. I get two every month with medication that is shipped and I just save them for such use. My daughter calls it "hoarding" I call it "repurposing."

Lets first go over the list:

Water-The biggest thing is not the water itself but rather the containers to save it in. Gallon milk jugs with the screw lids are great just wash them out real good. If you have the extra money and wish to buy containers I like the plastic containers that stack and store larger quantities such as 5 gallons. The following is a good source ( You can buy a four-pack of 5 gal containers for under $100. If you have access to water supply companies many times you can acquire plastic or glass 5 gal containers at a reasonable cost. I get my water delivered as I don't drink city water and I always have about 60 gals on hand at a time. Our bodies are mostly water and although we can go without food for quite a bit water is essential to survive. I priced a source recommended at Amazon and it was 125 ml with a 12 pack for almost $17.00. 125 ml is 4 oz. It takes 128 oz to make a gallon. it would take almost three cases to equal one gallon at a cost of $51.00 per gallon of water. Just a bit pricy for water I think. Remember one pkg. of water is about two shot glasses of water from a better perspective. I would rather have a couple of shots of Goldshlager for that price. Like I said find the container that fits your budget and will not alter the water. You can use tap water and besides after it sits for 24 hours the chlorine and fluoride are just about oxidized as well. One of the reasons I don't drink city water.

Peanut Butter-You can buy two large jars and sometimes in a two-pack at wholesale stores like BJ's and Sam's Club. Peanut butter has tons of protein. Just a bit of warning as you will want to be careful if anyone has a nut allergy to peanuts as you may have to use a substitute. A great alternative is Sunflower seed butter which can be purchased at most health food centers. Whenever I go to a restaurant I for breakfast I grab a handful of the jelly packs on the table as they keep forever and add a bit of change to the same old peanut butter. My daughter calls it stealing, I call it "repurposing." It's a condiment besides if I took the whole box that would be stealing. Every little bit helps I say.

Cans Fruit Juice- This can be any type but I recommend you watch the prune juice as it has a way of changing up the cycle of things. I like to stock orange, tomato, V8, and pineapple Juice as I can cycle it out often as I multipurpose it with my liquor cabinet as well. It was fairly cheap and easily accessible and stores well. Once open though refrigerate or use up quickly.

Cans of meat- Many times you can find canned chicken or turkey in four packs as well as tuna. I love salmon and mackerel as it makes a great sandwich. Also, let us not forget the old standby Spam. "Tastes like shit but you can eat it!" It is pretty good with an egg on top. The same has had many meanings but was developed from a contest and the name SPAM was chosen. It became widely known in World War 2 as it survived in the field very well and is still popular today.

Cans of Soup or Stew-Again the variety is reflected by the person eating it and there are many varieties. Also, the old favorite which I love is Dinty Moore Beef Stew which I like the taste of. Just be careful of many brands and watch the salt content. You don't want to survive to have a heart attack in the end. One brand of soups I like although you do need to boil water to make is a product called Bear Creek. I love them as you can add to them and spice them up a bit. One bag makes eight cups of soup which is not bad for about four bucks. They have a large variety although Walmart only carries a limited assortment they can be purchased from ( You can visit their site to see what they have to offer (

Non-Perishables-This is your typical package goods such as crackers, cereals, etc that do not go bad quickly. They can be eaten with many of the above items such as peanut butter and soups as well as just eating plain. Graham crackers are an excellent source of protein as well to keep you going.

Dried Beans-Again these must be cooked to be eaten but provide plenty of protein. I like the smaller grains as they cook faster and required little fuel to prepare such as lentils and split peas. Try soaking them first to soften them which takes some time off the cooking time. Try a split pea and spam soup for a nice meal. I include such things as rice and grains in this as well. Although rice is a starch it can be added to many other foods to make a meal. Make rice and grains as an add on to the beans as you need the protein.

And don't forget the handy can opener as when the power goes out it saves a ton of work. I carry an old GI can opener on my key ring just in case. As I mentioned before and that is to make sure to date your perishables and as I further stated I like using the use by the date this way I can stock the freezer and pantry with the must be the closest date forward.

If you have infants and the elderly it's a good idea to stock up on wipes and diapers. This includes both baby and adult diapers as many of our elderly may need them. Wipes are a great tool as well as they can be used not only for infants but also generally as well. I never go anywhere without them and even carry them in the vehicles. I was able to acquire those wipes they use in the hospital as you can take a bath and wash your hair without going in the shower which is an emergency can make you feel a bit better if you have no water.

In today's times it's tough to save money but when an emergency hits sometimes having a small amount of ready cash is wise. If the economy should collapse the banks will shut down completely and ATMs will not work. Take the time to read about the great depression where fortunes were lost both large and small. Today many just always see business as usual and it can't happen to our ideology. It can and it will is the best way to see it. Remember what I told you. Think of the worse and then you will be prepared for it. We knew a pandemic could happen but we disregarded it and look at what happened. Cash and gas its always there is the best policy. When we have hurricane scares here it's amazing how people run all over trying to find gas for their car. I never let my tank get below half full and most times its always full just in case.

Understanding Preparedness 

The perspective of our Society 

Part 2

In the worst-case scenario being unpreparedness will yield horrific consequences. Remember you don't have to be armed to the hilt and a garage full of food and a well-stocked bunker to be prepared. Being prepared is just having the mindset that if something happens I am somewhat ready for it and in between, I will make other arrangements to carry on. Even just being prepared for two weeks gives you two week's worth of time to figure out how to carry on. The person that has nothing when everything shuts down starts to panic right away and once panic sets in they become a threat to society and themselves and everyone around them.

Many friends and family members will turn on you and think you a nut case but should a situation arise you will see who is the first to knock on your door. Being in hurricane country I have seen grocery store shelves go bare in hours and gas pumps go dry overnight. We went without water and electricity for two weeks but being prepare taught us that we still wake up to bacon and eggs and a fresh cup of coffee. Having an elderly mom and two young children the responsibility depends on it as their life depends on you. This pandemic was bad but it was tolerable. It placed no burden on my preparedness supply. I only could wish I had a tank to store fuel as gas is so low now is the time. Let a real situation occur such as economic collapse where food prices soar through the roof and the dollar is not worth the paper it's printed on and you will see confusion and panic as you have never seen. This pandemic situation has now made me think more deeply about getting a gun safe and acquire a weapon as I think we are very well headed to a depression. We are printing money to try and stabilize the structure and somewhere Peter has to pay Paul. We have run our debt so far up it will take a miracle to get out of it. Add to the fact many businesses will never recover it is almost certain to come. When it happens and the way we just let people out of jail and the illegal problem the crime will tax law and order who will not be able to keep up. Even with this pandemic, we saw a small dosage of martial law and if a recession happens to be prepared for full-blown enactment. I hope it is just a thought but being prepared could save your life.

One thing that I have come to realize that if you do decide to prepare for any situation don't broadcast it. It is fine and dandy to help someone out but keep what you have to yourself. Remember what you have is for you to survive day by day and just handing it does only one thing and that reduces your survival time. One time we had a hurricane coming and because it was a possible 4-5 we decided to leave town and head to the west coast of Florida. I had plenty of water and offered my neighbor a 5 gal container of water because he could not find any and he was happy and I had plenty. For months after the storm, I waited to get my container back and then had to ask him for it and he had this idea he was going to use it for his change. How thoughtful for my consideration. Never again! So I say if you don't prep well bad for you as you should have. It's hard to have this mindset sometimes but when it all boils down to it is you or them. The war between the haves and the have not's. When it comes to children and the elderly they have no say in the matter and I have a different mindset but adults get no sympathy.

People over time have become complacent and get this notion that Big Brother loves them and will provide for them. This is what I call the Sheeple, sort of slang for sheep people. They are easily led and have been by force-feeding with a silver spoon all their life. We see it every day all around us. Just look to the pandemic for instance as now people make more on unemployment than they did at their job., Where is the incentive to go back to work? The government then ordered them to stay in the house many being fined and arrested for refusing to comply. All the good little sheep followed their masters in doing what they were told all caused by a broken society that wants to let every person cross the borders and live in sanctuary cities but yet they whine as they are now financially broke because they have taxed the system so much they now want to make the government bail them out. Just remember one thing that is not the government's money but every one of your hard-earned tax dollars that they are handing out. However, the government has led the sheeple to believe they are doing you the favor by greasing your palms with a stimulus check when it was caused by their lack of keeping us safe. We all knew it was going to happen it was just when. When will be the next one, time will only tell. Wow got off on a tangent there but I had to get it out as these liberals and do-gooders all make me sick. Even Hollywood and the music industry has gone to shit. Everyone seems to have a cause. I say just shut the fuck up live the life the way you want how you want and leave me the fuck alone. All these dumb asses think what they have to say is important and to be truthful it means nothing, absolutely nothing.

The world is changing every day and actually, I think for the worse. It's breaking down and falling apart as we speak. Many people want to believe what they are told in the media. They want to think the world is just one big Garden of Eden and they have a key to the promised land. If the church doesn't own the media the politicians do. It's all one big propaganda machine. After WWI the United State learned that people could be controlled with propaganda and Big Brother has become experts at it. I find it so ironic as people will quote the media word for word as if it is the gospel of Jesus and sometimes I think they believe their God speaks to them through the media.

Today we place or value on credit where we spend our lives paying the interest of the debt rather than the debt itself. It's like the old Tennessee Ernie song "16 Tons" as we "owe our life to the company store." how could it be any different as the country in itself as such a debt we barley meet the interest every year which is why we are always in debt. How long do you think the government is going to continuing supporting all those out of work. Why do you think just out of the blue now we need to open everything up. The President for which I respect was going in the right direction but after trying to impeach and knowing full well he is going to win re-election as Biden is about five seconds from losing his mind has not a chance in hell. Forget the polls as they were pretty fucked up when Trump won four years ago. The only way to get him out is to collapse the economy he built up and it worked like a charm. Never in history has a country been shut down by a virus. People die and that's just a rational fact. Seven million people die a year from cancer did we close the country, at least 2.8 million people die from obesity and being overweight but yet we allow junk food to be on the shelves. A bit over 67,000 deaths in the US and we shut the country down. One must ask what is wrong with this picture here. I don't buy it.

As more and more people seek public assistance the government knows they add to the list of sheeple that they can guide through the pasture as they can shut you down in an instant. Think about what happens when the government can no longer supply that assistance where will those people be. Life as they knew it comes to an abrupt halt and now it becomes a dog-eat-dog world. Media portrays those that see the truths as nut cases or extremist to present them in a bad eye. The truth is they are jealous as they know that in the end when all falter these so-called nut cases will still be standing and true patriots will seek once again a the Constitutional Republic for which this country once was when it was a country "For the People and by the People" not as today where it is ruled by the corporate elite and power-hungry politicians looking to sit upon a throne. We tried that once and we fought a war because of it.

You are not delusional if you feel about some things as I do or along the same lines. It is written in plain sight and one only needs to open their eyes to see it. Think for yourself and stop letting the media think for you. They have no brain just a driven agenda along party lines which is so apparent today. Today man looks at life in turmoil as he is out of work and in debt with little money to call his own. If this is the stress that causes such stress what will happen when the complete system shuts down.

Let's look at some real hard true and fast facts to a broken-down system:

Without any power, your local water company cannot pump water to your house or process the treatment plants to produce water.

Without water, toilets do not flush resulting in sanitation problems. The Black Plague was the result of poor sanitation practice.

Clean water will be scarce and people will die from drinking bad water or lack of water will kill those in about three days.

With any breakdown, the added influences of weather and other uncontrollable circumstances can make the problem even worse. Numerous people in a region can perish due to unforeseen causes.

When the system shuts down transportation stops and the trucks that bring food to you local stores cease to exist.

Periods in history have shown that man has resulted to cannibalism because they were so hungry.

Under most circumstances, the stores will be closed anyway because of martial law as the government ceases everything.

Banks will be closed and ATM will no longer work. The money you once had now belongs to the government.

Without power, the nights will be dark and desolate and many times you must keep it that way as people will loot and steal and any lights will draw them in.

The value of life will mean nothing. Women and young girls will become objects of rape and unforeseen sexual acts with death to be certain in the end. No one will be spared as it is seen as an extra mouth to feed which includes children and infants as well.

Communication will be only by a battery radio and then that will be the propaganda the government wants you to hear.

Many in cold climates will be without heat will freeze to death and those living in hot climates will face heat exhaustion and death as well.

Fuel will be non-existent so travel will be most likely by foot or bike and even then any movement must be careful as you will soon become a target.

The government will care less about the citizens and only about their existence in their cozy little shelters they already have used tax dollars to build for themselves such as Mount Weather and Cheyenne Mountain. They place it under the guise of Continuation of Government protocol but let's face reality the patriots of America will have other plans for them.

The nation will be full of the have nots that will seek any opportunity to take from the haves at all costs so trust no one.

Most will have no skills to survive and will perish in the end.

Many will be roving bands of thieves, rapists, and killers looking for their next whatever.

The death toll will make the pandemic seem like a cakewalk. Most will just die and be left to rot as love ones are long gone or have died themselves.

The stench of death will fill the air across the land as we have become so overpopulated it will be unavoidable.

Some cold hard facts for those that fail to prepare

There will be no 911 to call for help.

They will become victims of rape, assault, murder, and torture

Many will be attacked by animals some with rabies with no medical treatment.

Many will do anything as they sacrifice themselves and their bodies just to get a bite of food.

As garbage and decay piles up sickness will run amuck

Many will feel their bodies start to shut down in a painful agonizing death

Many will face trauma when losing loved ones and children of young age.

Disease and sickness will be widespread with no medical facilities to help.

Many will have to live in primitive conditions as they have never prepared for anything.

Many will commit suicide when all looks helpless.

Some will result to cannibalism just to survive.

Fighting will occur often as tensions rise even against loved ones.

If the government does help it will most likely be in one of many concentration camps that have situated all over America which they call relocation camps.

List #2 Hardware

List #2 Hardware

Tools are essential in any survival situation and this list presents a basic tool list to have on hand as your second list of goods to purchase. Not only will they be valuable in normal circumstance but will help you cope in a survival situation as well. These tools should be housed in a carry sack or something of the sort so if you must move they can go with you.

It is advisable that you get good tools as well. There is nothing worse than using a tool and it breaks due to inferior craftsmanship. Remember "a person is only as good as their tools!" And please take care of your tools and use them for what they are intended. Power tools are great and save time but remember if the grid goes down or you miles from a power source they will do little good. Learn some of the old ways just in case there is no power. Most tools are well within the price range at your local hardware or home improvement stores.

What to Buy

1. Some sort of storage container for your tools. I actually have my tools already in a box that can just be grabbed. You will definitely want to have your tools together to grab and go.

2. Protective eyewear such as goggles. Trust me I hate goggles but your eyes are valuable. I learned a deep lesson when a battery blew up in my face and burnt the lining of my eye. Luckily it recovered but taught me well.

3. As I mentioned don't depend on electric too much but like myself I have some cordless power tools and if you take them make sure you take the batteries and chargers with you in case you have access to power. A small generator anr dc converter attached to your vehicle can power up tools.

4. Flashlights-The crank ones are good but at least every car should have a flashlight and make sure you have extra batteries for them.

5. Hammers-A must have. Even having an assortment would come in handy.

6. Crowbar-Hand Saws When the power goes out you can still cut wood the old fashion way

7. Ax-Goes without saying and even a hatchet will come in handy

8. Shovels Carry an assortment of these as well.

9. Hand drill and bits

10. Para-cord is worth its weight in gold

11. Matches

12. Work gloves-Helps to prevent blisters

13. Adjustable wrenches

A good thing to do is go through the tools you have and then itemized how that tool would help you if you had to leave and start over in a new area. Once you do this you can organize your tools so they are easy to grab and go. Then prepare a list that you must shop for to complete your tool list. I have roughly twenty hammers from rubber mallets to sledge hammers each with a purpose and must go. Don't go crazy though as we all know that the tool section is a man's candy store. It must provide a absolute use.

List #5 Pet Care

Many of us have pets and consider them to be part of the family. My own perspective is that my life comes over my pets so there is a thin line which is why I don't have pets of my own. In a survival situation caring for them is of utmost importance. Pets feel frustration and anxiety just as we humans and they need to be comforted. Our dog which was my wife's before she passed and my daughter is more or less her keeper shakes like a leaf with the slightest disturbance. Get to know your dog and what sets them off so you can spot the warning signs. It's a good idea to have a pet survival kit that also contains first aid supplies.

Survival Kit:

o Harness, leash, and collar. Make sure the leash is a good one and the harness is more effective than a leash as I have seen dogs squeeze their head out of a collar in frustration

o ID Tags with contact information if your pet goes missing.

o At least 1-2 weeks of food

o 2-5 gallons of water. Dogs actually drink more water than cats so if you have a dog store the larger quantity

o Current vaccination and medical records which you can get from your veterinarian.

o 2 weeks worth of any medications they may take. Rotate so expatriation date stays active

o Pet first Aid Kit

1. The number for your veterinarian

2. Latex Gloves

3. Gauze Rolls

4. Gauze pads

5. Adhesive tape

6. Elastic cling bandages

7. Water-based sterile lubricant

8. Sterile saline wash

9. Topical antibacterial ointment

10. Petroleum Jelly

11. Antiseptic towelettes

12. Diphenhydramine (antihistamine) (approved by your vet)

13. Q-tips

14. Milk of Magnesia or activated charcoal

15. Hydrogen peroxide

16. Rectal Thermometer

17. Eye dropper or needleless syringe to administer medicines

18. Wood splints (Popsicle sticks and tongue depressors work great)

19. Cold Pack

20. Scissors (Small)

21. Safety Pins

22. Tweezers

23. Magnifying glass

24. Emergency blanket

25. Muzzle

26. Penlight flashlight

27. Pet First Aid Manual

Hopefully, everything here will help your pet and if you have the room a few bags of treats can settle them down as well. After all, they do become part of the family. You will also want to make a plan on exactly what you plan to do with your pet in an emergency.

Action Plan:

o Where will your pet be going such as will thy go to a boarding facility or shelter in place with the family or at another home? These arrangements should be made and set in place before any event. Also, keep in mind what your dog will tolerate and if staying with you do you have travel cages to keep them confined as some animals go crazy or get car sick easily.

o Make sure if staying with you that you add the following items to your list:

1. Cat litter and pan and doggy pads in case they cannot go outside.

2. Can opener to open cans

3. Food Dishes

4. Any supplies your pet might appreciate to have such as toys or like my cat who loves catnip and it comes him down at the same time

You might also like to take a photo of your animal just in case they do get loose as you can make copies to show what they look like.

Well, that was pretty simple and with a little care, we can ensure our pets have a fighting chance.